Almanac of the Infamous

Written & Illustrated by Juanita Rose Violini

What is your secret power? How can you hone it?

365 Days of Impossible Occurrences on the day they happened!

365 days of impossible occurrences, fantastic treasures, and incredible true tales will amaze, confound, and remind us just how mysterious this world really is. A magical daily read.

  • Chances are good that you have had a brush with the unexplained, even if you didn’t recognize it.
  • Psychic or paranormal experiences don’t always announce themselves with bells ringing or lights flashing to let you know that something unusual has taken place.
  • More often that not it can be a subtle “What was that?” taking place out of the corner of your eye or the edge of your attention.
  • Paranormal activities, anomalies, and unsolved mysteries are all around us. They happen everywhere, all the time.
  • Many encounters are recorded; many more are not. If you have ever wonder your own unusual experience has happened to anyone else, chances are, yes, it has.

Sample stories with illustrations from the artists ‘sketchbook’.
Illustrations in the book the same but without the color. To look inside the book go here.

Men in Black

Some UFO witnesses have been scared into keeping quiet about their experiences by oppressive figures known as the ‘Men in Black’. Those who have encountered these sinister individuals report that they generally travel in groups of two or three, wear dark suits and hats, and drive old but pristine black cars.
The founder of the International Flying Saucer Bureau, Albert Bender, claimed he was visited by three Men in Black after he announced a theory to explain UFOs. They told him to keep silent or face ‘dire consequences’.


On May 5, 1786, the last day of a drought that had lasted since the previous November, “A great quantity” of black eggs fell on Port-au-Prince, Haiti. They hatched the next day, and some of these strange animals from the sky were preserved in a flask of water. The creatures shed their skin several times and resembled tadpoles.
In Moreau de St-Mery’s Description de St DomingueI (1796) there is an account of what may be one of the few showers of frog-spawn on record. It fell during a drought over the whole of San Domingo (now Haiti and the Dominican Republic) on May 5 1786. De St-Mery wrote: “There fell, during a strong east wind, in several parts of the city of Port au Prince… a great quantity of black eggs, which hatched the following day…They shed their skins several times and resembled tadpoles.”

Crop Circles

On July 7, 1996, the crop circle mystery took a leap into the impossible when a stunning and elegant design was created in 45 minutes, on a Sunday afternoon, in full view of the busy highway by Stonehenge. A pilot flying over the sunny Wiltshire, U.K. countryside around 5:00 pm noticed nothing unusual in the wheat field.  A Stonehenge security guard and a farm worker also confirmed the absence of any pattern.  Forty-five minutes later, the pilot returned and the massive fractal had appeared. Traffic was at a standstill as drivers stopped to observe the newly formed symbol.